FOCUS Study Club has been an invaluable learning experience for me over the past 5 years. When I first joined FOCUS, I participated in the occlusion course, which laid the foundation for providing more comprehensive dentistry to my patients, as well as clarifying certain concepts regarding TMD that I had been wondering about. FOCUS has provided a safe and supportive environment for me to enhance my skills in a variety of areas including full mouth reconstruction, esthetics, implantology, and periodontal surgery. I quite enjoy the camaraderie with the other members as well as the sharing of ideas with them. Mike is an excellent mentor, being available when I need his help. He is a great communicator and has motivated me to pursue excellence in my practice.

Dr. Howard Kwan

I have been a member of FOCUS Study Club since 2005. It has been an integral part of my professional development. Dr. Racich distills down the current scientific literature and presents it in a clinically relevant manner. Through his lectures and through his mentorship, I have been able to confidently offer advanced treatment for my patients. Dr. Racich’s enthusiasm, clinical experience and his knowledge are both inspiring and motivating. I would recommend this study club to my colleagues.

Dr. Heather Brooks Dowling

Mike has the unique ability to take even the most complex issues and procedures in clinical practice and simplify or distill them down into easily understandable steps. From routine restorative to full mouth rehabilitation, from basic surgery to implant surgery, I have learned much from Mike that I have instituted in my daily practice that has made me more efficient and my clinical procedures more predictable. He is extremely well read and always brings very current and valuable information to our study club about evidenced-based practice. I find it is like getting the best pearls from the latest journals each month. I have been a member of FOCUS for over a decade and find I am always learning something new! Mike’s guidance and the atmosphere he creates in the study club is a combination I would highly recommend to any colleague.

Dr. David Book

After 20 years of practice- the first year with Dr Racich has given me the tools and understanding to deal with the discipline of dental occlusion in a practical immediate way. I am a better dentist now and my patients receive higher quality of care every day I practice.

Thanks Mike,
Dr. Bill Tyler