About Focus

FOCUS Study club(s) are didactic and clinical in nature. The didactic portion involves: FOCUS members' case presentations and treatment summaries, corporate presentations and support, and a mentor lecture. The clinical aspect of FOCUS is when members bring in their own patients to explore complex treatment procedures with confidence. 

The topics include and are not limited to:

  1. Single Tooth Dentistry (basic concepts, materials, techniques)
    1. Operative dentistry
    2. Adhesion
    3. Tooth coloured restorative materials
      1. Composites (direct & indirect)
      2. Porcelain (veneers, inlays, onlays, all-ceramic crowns etc.)
    4. Cast gold (inlays, onlays, crowns etc.)
    5. Provisionals
    6. Endodontics (endpoints, restorative foundations)
  2. Implants
    1. Comparison of different systems
    2. Prosthetic phase (fixed & removable)
    3. Placement
    4. Grafting
      1. Soft tissue
      2. Hard tissue
  3. Occlusion
    1. What it is & what it is not
    2. Basic concepts & endpoints
    3. Equilibration (what, when & how)
  4. Multi-Tooth Dentistry & Interdisciplinary Care
    1. Facially generated treatment planning
    2. Smile design
    3. Dx work-up including practical use of instruments (conventional and digital)
    4. Orthodontic principles & endpoints
    5. Oral surgery
    6. Endodontics/ periodontics (especially related to implantology)
    7. The pain patient (orofacial pain/TMD)
    8. Prosthetics (fixed & removable)
  5. Practice Management
    1. Rekindling the excitement of dentistry
    2. Continuing education (what, where & why)
    3. Goals